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BUSINESS LEADERSHIP - Developing Leaderpreneurs

Building Bridges Nationwide of Hope & Scope

Building Bridges Nationwide of Hope & Scope

BBN is the Action Mission to Achieve the SA Legacy Vision of a
Safe, High Employment & Prosperous South Africa (SHEP SA)

Hardly a day goes by without us hearing about the great need for many more entrepreneurs in South Africa. However, experience over the years of development has shown us that what is needed is both leadership and entrepreneurship abilities. We have coined the word ‘LeaderPreneurs’ indicating training that encompasses both of these.

Our training focuses on four areas of leaderpreneurship as follows:
  1. Personal.
  2. Business.
  3. Social (Community).
  4. Future Smart.
In reality leadership and entrepreneurship complement each other. This training strong supports BBN’s ideals as follows:
  1. Everyone matters.
  2. Everyone must be enabled (empowered) to harness their God-given potential.
  3. Everyone must take responsibility for their own life.
  4. Everyone must be encouraged and equipped to be a servant leader who willingly pays it forward.

All of the above will work powerfully towards your entrepreneur/business success since it is effectively directed towards relationship building which is increasing becoming necessary for sustainable business success.

BBN’s slogan is ‘Building Bridges Nationwide of Hope & Scope. For us SCOPE stands for Strong, Confident, Organised, Passionate and Energised. This is exactly what we try to impart to our youth at schools and our delegates attending our workshops. In all cases we provide a Success System designed to get them on the path to success efficiently (doing the thing right) and effectively (doing the right thing) as quickly as possible.

With this attitude and action, one cannot help but succeed in business and in life and in this way build and leave a legacy. In this respect BBN’s Entrepreneurship in a HURRY! Workshop has received very positive feedback. Because of the significant progress and experience gained, we have upgraded this workshop to LeaderPreneurship in a HURRY!

The following are just a few of the many endorsements received over the years:
  1. Great workshop! Very informative. I enjoyed learning from personal experience. I feel energised and motivated to pursue my future goals. Thank you for allowing me to have this experience. Tammy Bruinders, Entrepreneur.
  2. I’ve learnt a great deal from this workshop and it has qualified and quantified my beliefs. I recommend any serious entrepreneur, visionary and leader to go through this workshop. It’s a game and life changer. Tando Canham, Entrepreneur.
  3. Well structured course. Highlighted a few topics and gave perspective on the importance of objectives in business - Riaan April, Businessman.
  4. Insightful and helpful. Can’t wait to get the disciplined and put it into action. Thank you - Natalie Brauer, CEO Battery Centre.
  5. Well done. I understand the concept much better. The training was excellent. Robin Hosie, Businessman.
  6. Have learnt much to improve my sales and to grow my business. Elridge Cupido, Businessman.
  7. The system is really so very well thought out. I wish you all the success with your super product. Merwyn Niland, CEO Harvard Chemical Products.
  8. Beautifully done. Practically constructed and packaged. Promises results. Everyone should do this workshop. God bless! Allen Beukes, World Vision.
  9. Crystal clear guidance, caution and direction. Rational, practical and realistic. Well structured and clearly expressing love, loyalty and patriotism to people and country. Government, business, tertiary institutions and learning sites can learn a lot and impact positively on communities from this workshop and plan of action. Trevor Wessels, ex School Principal.
  10. I’ve learnt a great deal from this workshop and it has qualified and quantified my beliefs. I recommend any serious entrepreneur, visionary and leader to go through this workshop. It is a game and life changer. Tando Canham, CEO Black Vision Media

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