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FUTURE SMART - Immediate Future

We firmly believe that it would be wise if we became much more forward thinking, pro-active and resourceful in preparation for the challenges and opportunities that the future holds.

BBN implements the following 4-Tier Leadership/Entrepreneurship (LeaderPreneur) approach:
  1. Personal Leadership.
  2. Business Entrepreneurship.
  3. Social (Community) Leadership.
  4. Future Smart LeaderPreneurs at the ‘micro’ - me and my family and at the ‘macro’ - my community and my country levels.
What could I do to develop a plan that would help me and my family survive in the future no matter what the challenges may be? A few examples:
  1. Get out of negative debt.
  2. Learn to budget and stick to it.
  3. Think of ways to earn more income.
  4. Start a food garden.
  5. Find ways to save money.
  6. Do the Entrepreneurship in a HURRY Workshop.
  7. Start a savings plan.
  8. Find a part time job to augment your income.
    Perhaps you could add to this list that we could publish to help others. We welcome your input.
FUTURE SMART – MACRO LEVEL (My Community and My Country)
Developing many more thought leaders - individuals, schools, organisations etc. For example how can my school make a future smart difference in my community and ultimately my country?
  1. Create eco-friendly employment opportunities.
  2. Teach the community members how to grow a food garden.
  3. Start a community recycling project.
  4. Become a BBN - Yes I Can Entrepreneur Youth Trainer.
  5. Teach our youth how to make things with their hands.
  6. Share your knowledge.
  7. If you are a company you may have job shadowing opportunities.
    Perhaps you could add to the list. We welcome your input.


The Institute of Futurology is delighted to be collaborating with FutureSmart, a division of BBN – Building Bridges Nationwide whose vision for the nation is called SHEP SA – Safe, High Employment and Prosperous SA, a legacy BBN wants for all our children, youth and future generations. It’s about cultivating dynamic social entrepreneurs across the country and training our youth to become job creators while also preparing them to become people of value, social entrepreneurs and effective leaders in building cohesive communities. In this respect BBN is a beautifully conceived plan to take our country to a far, far better place Michael Lee, Founder, Institute of Futurology and author of ‘Knowing Our Future’ and ‘Codebreaking Our Future’.


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